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Publication Date  
Metro Family 3/1/2011 PDF
National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club 9/1/2011 PDF
Oh Baby Magazine 2/2/2011 Link
Publisher's Weekly 11/12/2010 Link
Jen’s Lists 11/20/2010 Link
The Baby Bottom Line 11/9/2010 Link
Southern Girl Ramblings 11/6/2010 Link
I’m a Full-time Mummy 10/23/2010 Link
Coupon Clippin’ Mommy 10/18/2010
Family and Life in Las Vegas 10/14/2010
JDaniel’s 4’s Mom 10/10/2010 Link
Mummy Reviews 10/9/2010 Link
My Springfield Mommy 10/6/2010 Link
Baby Brandon’s Adventures 10/6/2010 Link
Tidbits from a Mom 9/30/2010
Jumpin’ Beans 9/29/2010 Link
A Maui Mommy 9/27/2010 Link
MADreads 9/24/2010 Link
Parental Views Online Magazine 9/23/2010 Link
Momma Drama 9/14/2010 Link
Katie Talks About 9/11/2010 Link
Reviewed By Mom 9/10/2010 Link
Little Butterfly Kisses 9/9/2010 Link
Empowering Mommy 9/7/2010 Link
Libby’s Library News 9/5/2010
Publisher's Weekly 5/17/2010 Link