Dr. Jenn Interview

The definitive guide to children's mental, physical, and emotional health— and a trusted reference parents will refer to over and over again.

Simple Tips, Tools and Techniques for Encouraging a Child’s Optimal Development

The first three years of life are the most important for nurturing a child’s full potential: that’s when children start forming attachments, developing a sense of self, and learning to trust. These early experiences can greatly influence brain development. There are critical windows of opportunity that parents can take advantage of—if they know how. In a dozen succinct, information-packed chapters, award-winning columnist, child therapist, and mother Dr. Jenn Mann gives parents the knowledge they need.

Enlightening sidebars, bulleted lists, and simple tips make this thoroughly comprehensive reference easy to use. A classic in the making, Dr. Jenn’s book will help parents raise happy, healthy babies who grow to be flourishing toddlers and successful adults.

  • Easy steps to reduce resistance and avoid tantrums
  • The two “Qs” parents need to know about to promote language development
  • When and how to start reading to your child
  • Use play to help children develop key social, intellectual and emotional skills
  • The three ASL signs that will make your baby’s life easier
  • What parents really need to know about kids and television viewing
  • Take advantage of significant learning windows to introduce a second language
  • Develop a “healthy eater” and avoid or resolve feeding issues
  • The seven most important contents to avoid in your child’s food
  • Simple steps to reduce toxic chemical exposure in the home and have a healthier family