Swag Bags

Last fall when my book SuperBaby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years launched I gave away SuperBaby swag bags filled with tons of my favorite products. The bags were such a huge hit (one was even featured in Star Magazine!) that I decided to do a rockin’ roll themed bag for my new children’s book Rockin’ Babies. Like the book, the bag is filled with edgy, cool, funky stuff. Each bag is valued at approximately $200. After all, you shouldn’t have to be a celebrity to get a great swag bag! For details about events where the bag will be given out, see below.

swag bag

Each bag has the following:

  1. 2 non-toxic Rockin’ Babies Tattoos
  2. 1 Rockabye Baby CD
  3. 1 DVD of Baby Signing Time! and one CD of Signing Time! Volume 1-3 I highly recommend these DVDs for parents to learn sign and also for children over the age of three.
  4. 1 box Trumpettes socks (6 pairs!)
  5. 1 pair Baby Banz sunglasses
  6. 1 full size package of Boogie Wipes, two mini samples, a Boogie plush toy and coupons
  7. 2 pairs My Little Legs
  8. 1 Personalized Pacifier with a saying like “Rock On,” “Rock Star,” “Rock On,” and others.
  9. 1 pack Silly Bandz RockBandz shapes
  10. 2 bottles Piggy Paint nail polish
  11. Rock in Green laundry and cloth diaper detergent
  12. 1 pair Sourpuss skull and cross bones socks
  13. 1 Highlights High Five Magazine
  14. 1 set of 3 Delta Adjustable “Grow with Me” Hangers
  15. Happy Baby Puffs and coupons
  16. 1 coupon for 20% off Retail Therapy
swag bag