As a father of seven and grandfather I’ve read my share of fluffy bunny books but here’s a book I can really get behind. Rockin’ Babies rocks! -- Quincy Jones
Rockin’ Babies is my new favorite kids book, but more importantly my daughters can't get enough. Unique, fun, and cool... you won’t be able to get enough either. -- Samantha Harris
Each and every baby is a star in this adorable new board book that moms’ in Hollywood and beyond will delight in reading to their little ones! -- Bonnie Fuller
So cute and so cool you will look forward to reading it to your baby every night. -- Kellie Martin
Not sure who enjoyed it more, me or my kids, the first fifty times we read it. Today they are still going strong with, “Weed Wokin Babies!” requests. -- Diane Farr
The tone and whimsy of Rockin’ Babies will speak to small children and their parents, who will be asked to read the book over and over. I plan to add the book to my professional development sessions and booklists. -- Donalyn Miller
Fun, funky, and edgy! Rockin’ Babies is unlike any other board book I have ever read. Kids will love it and parents will appreciate it on a whole other level. -- Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann
Rockin’ Babies is a great book to give to expecting or new moms and dads. Reading this book will really get a smile out of any hip parent who wants to have a good laugh. -- Jill Spivack