Dr. Jenn Interview

Dr. Jenn Berman is a licensed therapist in private practice in Beverly Hills who has been working in the psychology field for 20 years. Dr. Berman works with a wide variety of issues including: relationship issues, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, parenting issues, sexual abuse, and post traumatic stress disorder. She performs individual therapy, couple’s therapy, as well as family therapy. Dr. Jenn works with clients of all ages but generally does not see children under the age of eight.

Dr. Jenn has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy and a license in Marriage and Family Therapy. Using her broad education and years of clinical experience she adapts her treatment approach to each individual client. While she most often uses a psychodynamic approach with cognitive behavioral interventions, Dr. Jenn uses an eclectic approach to treatment in order to meet her patient's needs.

Dr. Jenn recognizes that psychotherapy, or "talk therapy," is a collaborative process. The psychotherapist and client must work together to enable the client to better understand his or her behaviors in order to improve quality of life. Dr. Jenn teaches her clients compassion for themselves and how to achieve self-care. Despite her empathy, Dr. Berman doesn't hesitate to push her clients to confront their issues.

Dr. Jenn is a strong believer in the differences therapy can make. Nine out of ten Americans surveyed by Consumer Reports stated that psychotherapy had helped them. In another recent major national study, half of the patients surveyed reported making progress after eight sessions of therapy and 75 percent reported improvements after six months.

Dr. Jenn Interview

Sports psychology is the use of psychological approaches and cognitive behavioral techniques to enhance the personal growth and performance of athletes, exercisers, and performers.

It has been said that success in sports is 90% mental and 10% physical. Mental training is crucial for success in athletics. By preparing the psyche, an athlete can get the optimum performance from their body.

Dr. Jenn founded Psychological Edge sports psychology consulting with that in mind. She has used her performance enhancement techniques to help athletes from weekend golfers to Olympic level and professional athletes. She has also helped recreational exercisers deal with exercise burn out. Because sports psychology is so performance oriented, Dr. Jenn has been able to successfully apply these techniques to help actors and singers prepare to perform Dr. Jenn had the honor of being a member of the USA Gymnastics Task Force on the Female Triad (eating disorders, amenorrhea and osteoporosis), as well as a sports psychology consultant and advisor to USA Gymnastics on the Athlete Wellness Task Force. She performs consulting services for A Minor Consideration, an organization begun by child actor Paul Petersen, which looks out for the wellbeing of child actors and athletes. Dr. Jenn has served as a sports coach, a judge for gymnastic competitions, and grew up as an elite level athlete. She spent five years on the United States Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team, was a Junior National Champion, winning five gold medals out of five, competed in many international competitions and performed exhibitions at the 1984 Olympic Games.